Jost, as Jon's real name is, was born in Dresden, Germany in the hot summer of 1976. He lived there until 1984 when his parents decided to leave the then communist system in the eastern part of Germany.

For a long time, he lived in the Stuttgart area in the southwest of Germany. When the time for first touches with nightlife had come, Stuttgart then was known as some kind of house city in Germany, offering legendary clubs such as the Red Dog, The M1, OZ or Nexus.

Having learned to play the transverse flute at early ages, he discovered that playing music someone else had written down was not his focus. His first moves towards making music of his own began in 1989 with an Amiga500 computer connected to a portable keyboard (the Yamaha PSR-3500 for you techies). Still, tape recordings of his first overdubs done with two ghetto blasters exist.

Still being a student at school in 1994, he got to know Len Faki aka DJ Lamonde, who should be his mate for the coming years. The two made music every day and when Jost was about to pass his a-levels, he already had brought out several 12" records. He did not study but went even deeper into music. Together with Len, he produced quite a pile of maxi singles, albums and remixes.

In 1997, the two founded the label monoid with a focus on groovy Techno stuff and shortly after, they also brought the label [feis] to birth. Both of them went famous among those who know and monoid, though it is run by Alex Flatner today, is still releasing stuff.

In 2001, UCMG, the company that held labels like monoid, [feis], Plastic City and many others went broke. The time was right to get pesto started. Together with Babak Shayan, Jost went on to release stuff on his very own imprint, now with a stress on quality deep house bundled with singing and songwriting. Besides that, Jost is also one of the heads behind Soda Inc. together with partner in crime Babak.

He recently teamed with a bunch of vocal performers such as Sandra Lima and Erica Blanchard (who can also be heard on the actual Soda Inc. album "Inner Vision") - so more tunes with Jon's musical backing can be expected in the near future.

This goes on until today, but in the future, Jost has plans for more stuff. He is about the aesthetic aspects of life, he enjoys life and that is why music is just one part of it (though by far the most important), but he is into fashion, into food and drinks, into interior - to make it short: all things surrounding you should carry the Pesto signet. That's the mission of this multi-talented guy ;)


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